Food Quantity Estimation

Automatically calculate the food quantity present for each of the food items present in the picture.

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With this alternative service for food recognition we additionally offer the possibility to automatically estimate the quantity of each of the detected dishes on the picture.

By using Food Quantity Estimation, the dietary record is more accurate, automatic, and easy to use because it is not required to have a detailed knowledge of food portions. Additionally, the user has the option to manually correct or introduce a specific amount for each dish.

In order to compute the food quantity a depth image has to be provided. The depth image must be extracted using the LogMeal Depth SDK, that you will have to integrate into your App accordingly. Two SDKs are available, the iOS Depth SDK and the Android Depth SDK. Please, contact us at in order to request access to these code repositories.

The available LogMeal API endpoint for accessing to this service is:

Accessible by the following Types of Users:

🔴 APIUser

Sample Code:


Sample Response:

nutritional information api food tracking nutritional facts cholesterol calories
nutritional information api food diary recommended daily intake fats carbs

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