Remaining Daily Intake

Shows the actual quantity of energy and macronutrients registered by the user compared to the recommended daily intake.

Service available in the following LogMeal Plans:


The recommended daily intakes of energy (kcal), carbohydrates (g), proteins (g) and fats (g) shows the user how many of those nutrients he/she needs on a daily basis.

Thanks to the remaining daily intake functionality the user can visualize how his/her daily goals are going and how far he/she is from reaching them at any time of day. It will also indicate whether the goal has been exceeded.

If the user or his/her healthcare professional did not select any custom nutritional goals, then the Harris-Benedict formula will be used for establishing the basic daily intake goals.

The available LogMeal API endpoints for accessing to this service are:

Accessible by the following Types of Users:


🔴 APIUser

🔵 APIUserManager

remaining daily intakes of nutrients
remaining daily intakes of energy

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