Types of Users

Learn which are the different type of users that you can create and give access to the API and which are their roles.

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There are three types of users that have access to our API services. Note that each user type is indicated by a specific colored circle. This circle indicates which type of user has access to each of the introduced endpoints/services.


This is the global manager or admin user that is in charge of creating other users among other things (only one is available per account). When you create an account by signing up to LogMeal API your account becomes an APICompany user.

🔴 APIUser

Specific final users for the application that you are building. Thus, a different APIUser must be created for each final user that accesses LogMeal’s services through your application/software. They are the only type of users that can make food recognition requests, submit food intakes, keep track of their nutritional history, etc. In case that you hired our LogMeal App services these are the type of users that will be able to make use of the LogMeal App. Some of the available LogMeal API endpoints for accessing to this service are:

  • GET /users/APIUsers ⚫ Get all the API Users created by your API Company. Here we can see the basic characteristics of an APIUser.
  • POST /users/signUp ⚫ Create a new account for one of your final users (APIUser) that will make use of the food monitoring capabilities.

🔵 APIUserManager

User capable of visualizing the intake history for multiple APIUsers (could be assigned to a nutritionist/clinician/manager). They are intended to be created for healthcare professionals or other people with supervision-related roles. These users will have access to the food intakes gathered by the APIUsers, so they will be able to see and manage their intake history and nutritional information. Also, they can define personalized nutritional goals for its APIUsers.

Note that this type of users are only available in certain subscription plans (Monitor or higher). In case that you hired our LogMeal Platform nutrition services these are the type of users that will be able to access our Nutrition Platform tool at platform.logmeal.com. Some available LogMeal API endpoints for accessing to this service are:

Read more information about management users in our External Management services page.

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