Easy salt/sugar/oil Modulation

An easy and personalized way to adjust user’s salt, sugar and oil consumption habits.

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Quantities of both oil and salt can be highly variable among individuals. Especially when it comes to cooking, everyone has their own preferences. The same occurs with the amount of sugar one adds to its beverages (coffee, tea…), and some foods like plain yogurt.

Thats why, when creating a new user profile, every user can specify their regular consumption of salt, sugar and oil. There are four options to choose from: none, low, moderate, high. These preferences will be taken into consideration when retrieving the nutritional information and ingredients detected in each consumption.

For example, if one individual is following a low-sodium diet and, consequently, doesn't add salt to the dishes, he/she will select “none”. That way, all the recognised dishes won’t have any salt as an ingredient by default.

The amount of oil and sugar can be modulated as an independent ingredient. Thus, when introducing a new intake, if the user wants to modify the ingredients, he/she is able to add, modify or delete oil and sugar.

When creating a new profile, the user can also select the type of oil and sugar he/she normally uses to cook with. If one is selected, any oils or added sugars in detected recipes will be replaced with the user's preference.

The available LogMeal API endpoints for accessing to this service are:

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🔴 APIUser

🔵 APIUserManager

adding salt to french fries
adding reference oil to a plate of hummus

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