Innovative Contactless Self-Checkout Kiosk
for Self-Service Restaurants and Canteens, Based on AI

LogMeal kiosk fast and easy food recognition restaurants checkout solution

LogMeal Kiosk

Touchless - Autonomous Checkout Kiosk for Self-Service Restaurants

food recognition place food tray detection scan checkout
food recognition scan checkout
fast and easy restaurants checkout payments


fast easy checkout cost reduction solution

Checkout cost reduction

Avoid expenses by automating the checkout process. No attendant needed.
real time consumption analysis services

Real-time consumption analysis

Keep track of the food consumption with real-time statistics.
improved customer satisfaction fast easy checkout

Improved customer satisfaction

Speed up the checkout process, increasing the client's comfort.
touchless solution covid checkout

Touchless solution

User friendly solution that avoids contact to other people and increases speed.
fast payment pos integrable checkout

100% POS Integrable

Integrated POS contactless payment terminal. Also accepts employees identification.


Plug & Play

No on-site configuration needed.
Plug in and start using the Kiosk to identify any dish from your daily offer.

Dish and Menu recognition

Capable of detecting any dish.
As well as any daily menu combination. 100% customizable.

Easy Introduction of New Dishes

The system automatically learns from new dishes in the restaurant and incorporates them for future servings.

Real-time Business Intelligence Dashboard

Complete and adaptable backoffice for analysing and understanding trends and patterns from your costumers.

business intelligence real-time analysis dashboard

Integration with Nutritional Information

Provide an added value for your customers by letting them access to the detailed nutritional information of the dishes that they eat in your restaurants.

Scan QR from your receipt
scan qr integration nutritional information customer satisfaction
See nutritional information anytime and anywhere
Simplified simplified nutritional information customer checkout
Detailed detailed nutritional information customer checkout

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